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The Frequently Asked questions

Answering your questions

Chartering a large yacht can be a complex process. Allowing the Mlkyachts team to perfect every detail takes all the worry away. If you are uncertain about your charter requirements, our brokers will be delighted to advise you. Similarly, if you wish to check the availability of any superyacht, please contact Our team. Its specialist brokers are readily on hand to provide every advice and service.

Charter Agreement

After the availability of your chosen yacht has been verified, you will receive a standard MYBA Charter Agreement for signature. If your chosen cruising itenerary necessitates embarking or disembarking from a point other than your yacht’s home port, positioning charges (delivery/ redelivery fees) may be required. These charges, if applicable, will be confirmed in advance and affirmed in the Charter Agreement, together with any taxes that may apply.

Payment Terms

A deposit of 50 per cent of the total charter fee is payable by bank transfer immediately on signature of the MYBA Charter Agreement. The remaining 50 per cent, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance, together with any taxes, delivery/redelivery fees and any additionally agreed charges, is payable by bank transfer five weeks before the commencement of contract.

Operating Expenses

Die APA ist zur Deckung der Betriebskosten eines Charters bestimmt, wie in den Charterbedingungen erläutert, wie z.B. Treibstoff, Lebensmittel, Getränke, Hafengebühren und ad hoc anfallende Nebenkosten, und wird dem Kapitän vor Beginn Ihres Charters übergeben. Er wird dafür sorgen, dass die Yacht vollgetankt und versorgt ist, wenn Sie an Bord kommen. Während Sie während Ihres Charters jederzeit eine aktuelle Zusammenfassung der Konten anfordern können, wird Ihnen Ihr Kapitän normalerweise am Ende des Törns einen vollständigen Satz von Konten vorlegen. Wenn die Ausgaben während des Charters die bereits gezahlte Summe übersteigen, werden sofort zusätzliche Barmittel angefordert.

All outstanding bills from the yacht charter should be settled in cash or by bank transfer before your final disembarkation. Of course, any remaining credit at the end of your charter will be reimbursed to you in full. On request, transfer arrangements to and from the yacht can be made by Burgess or by the yacht’s captain, payment for which will be deducted from your APA super yacht.

Charter Price Rates

Charter rates are quoted per week for the hire of the yacht. Charters over seven days are calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate divided by seven and multiplied by the number of charter days. Charters less than seven days usually attract a premium, calculated as the weekly rate divided by six, multiplied by the number of days. Certain yachts will apply a minimum amount of days charter which can be confirmed by the broker.

High season rates usually apply to the most popular charter periods, i.e. July/August and Christmas/New Year, and are also normally applicable to all major events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival. Low season rates apply to all other periods (please note low and high season periods may differ for certain locations). 

Charter Terms

Most charter rates that appear in this publication are based on MYBA Terms, which imply that the yacht will be provided to the charterer in full commission and with all necessary equipment, properly insured for marine risks and managed by a crew super yacht, whose wages, food and clothing are for the owner’s account.

All other operating expenses are payable by the charterer and comprise (but are not restricted to) the following items: fuel and lubricating oils for the yacht and her tenders; local taxes; pilotage; port, harbour and marina dues; customs clearance; water and electricity; personal laundry; all provisions, wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and consumables for the charterer’s party; shoreside excursions, telecommunication and internet costs for super yachts. Please note that, occasionally, a yacht may offer a variation on the terms described above. Our brokers will provide full details of any charter terms that vary from standard MYBA Terms when presenting the relevant yachts. Whilst some yachts are legally permitted to charter in the US, others do not meet with American fiscal requirements and so are not available for charter whilst in US waters. Please enquire for further information on specific yachts.

Lets Build your Own Yachts?

Wir konzentrieren uns nicht nur auf das große Ganze, sondern widmen auch den kleinsten Details große Aufmerksamkeit. Auf diese Weise sind wir in der Lage, eine breite Palette völlig unterschiedlicher Superyachten zu produzieren, die alle den außergewöhnlichen Standards entsprechen, die mit der Mlkyachts Experience verbunden sind.


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