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Build a yacht, luxury yacht construction by Fincantieri Shipyard

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Fincantieri yacht construction Expertise

A Fincantieri yacht can only be built in Italy. Italy inspires us through our surroundings, infusing each and every yacht we build with the magic of beauty, hallmarked by skilful craftsmanship that reaches new heights, touching the peaks of style and refinement for yacht construction. Fincantieri Yachts is the epitome of the most exclusive Made in Italy excellence.It is the unrepeatable combination of unique and outstandingly original details built to last and to impress. People who love the exceptional want to fill their lives with it, as an enduring symbol and an essential example to astound cognoscenti and laymen alike  Fincantieri yachts build yacht construction.
We make this happen through our deep understanding of what absolute beauty means and of how to suffuse each detail with incomparable luxury. 

We are the best

Fincantieri is an experienced industrial organization, highly specialized in managing large, complex projects. By industrializing many phases of a yacht’s construction, we allow our craftspeople to focus on the areas where their special skills make the most impact.Fincantieri yacht can design, build and deliver some of the largest ships in the world on time to the owners’ total satisfaction. The project management for your yacht construction methods and discipline ensure effective project planning and the coordination of thousands of people.

Amels The Art of Yacht Building

While on a visit to our shipyard in Vlissingen, a well-known yachting journalist commented that it was the most organised and cleanest yard he had ever seen. How else could you expect to produce yachts of the highest quality construction and paint work without operating a clean and efficient environment? AMELS prides itself on having the best superyacht facilities in Holland. With climate-controlled halls, and covered dry docks, our facilities offer direct access to the North Sea for even the largest of private yachts.



Research Project

Building a yacht is a long-term project and a major investment – it is, therefore, critical to select the right team for your build. This begins with choosing the right broker. MLKYACHTS team of informed brokers are fully aware of the opportunities at every shipyard and will always find the most suitable yacht project to fit their client’s needs for your yacht constructions. MLKYACHTS will discuss your yachting needs with you to determine your exact requirements and will give advice on the most suitable type of yacht. They will then be able to provide measured guidance on the new construction process, explaining the different types, sizes and materials available, while also discussing the financial and legal aspects of a new yacht construction


Build & Design

The creation of your yacht always starts off with a concept phase. Together with our designers and engineers, we will test how our preliminary ideas can brought to life. This is where we’ll make the first rough sketches of your soon to be built superyacht with MLKYACHTS. , designer and naval architect together. Thanks to an immense amount of knowledge, experience and working relationships with various yards, designers and naval architects, your MLKYACHTS will be able to identify the most suitable solution with total impartiality. Sometimes the designer will be commissioned first so that several shipyards can be approached.


Contract Negociation

We will begin to pull together for your yacht construction a team of legal advisors, surveyors, captains and yacht managers for you to meet. Once you have chosen the most suitable build for you, your broker and legal counsel will facilitate negotiations with the selected yard to assure you receive the best value as well as a timely build schedule. Everything from specifications, regulations.Only when the client, the designers and technical team are completely satisfied about the plan, a final agreement is signed. Once the client puts down his signature, we are ready to start building with an MLKYACHTS broker.


Yacht Construction

Once the contracts have been signed, the build process will begin. MLKYACHTS broker will play an integral role during the build to mediate between various parties involved. Your build broker will appoint a yacht manager after exchange on your behalf who will serve as an invaluable liaison between the broker, client and shipyard.In order to start with the physical build, a detailed construction plan is written. Here, the specific amount of building materials is determined, like the metals that are used for making the hull and the superstructure for your yacht construction.

Yacht Delivery

Integrity forms the foundation of everything we achieve here at MLKYACHTS. For us, keeping our promises has become a way of life. To ensure that our words are accurately translated into action during the building process, we are dedicated to high efficiency, genuine teamwork and careful planning and delivery in time with our experienced yacht agents.

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Lets Build your Own Yachts?

We do not solely focus on the big picture, but pay close attention to the smallest of details. By doing so, we are capable of producing a wide range of completely different superyachts that all live up to the exceptional standards associated with the Mlkyachts Experience.



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