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Embark upon your yacht charter in the Bahamas for an adventure of a lifetime Stroll on the picturesque white-sand beaches Bahamas yacht charter offer a dreamland of crystal clear turquoise.

Bahamas yacht charter

Home to stunning beaches and picturesque towns, deep caves and rich vegetation.

Sailors love the Bahamas for its sheltered harbours, easy-to-challenging sailing areas, and pristine, deserted islands. Within many of its protected territories where fishing is prohibited, you’ll find the most enchanting diving and snorkeling. Stretches of mangroves play home to wildlife on sea and land.

Set sail on your own private yacht with a bareboat charter vacation in The Bahamas. Offering one of the world’s largest barrier reefs, a quarter of the world’s coral lying just beneath the surface, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, these islands are a favourite among families and experienced crews.

. The area consists of three different island chains, each of which offers a variety of crystal-clear waters, world-class fishing and spectacular diving locations to enjoy on your yacht charter in the Bahamas. Read our sample itinerary to get a taste of your Caribbean yacht charter in the Bahamas yacht holidays.

More than 200kms of sailing paradise and in the middle of it all you will find one of the largest protected marine parks in the world. The local cuisine includes the freshest fish, lobster and the best cracked conch you’ll ever taste! And when you see the extraordinary colour of the water surrounding these islands, you’ll know you’ve arrived at a perfect location for your Bahamas yacht charter.

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When you charter a yacht, we make sure your experience is unparalleled. We deliver exceptional service because we’ve spent more than a decade arranging the finest charters and sourcing the very best superyachts available.

From the wild and remote Arctic or Antarctica, to more frequented and soul-warming regions like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and Asia, choices are not easy when anything is possible.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us: we’ll tailor-make an itinerary for you, and find you the perfect luxury charter yacht


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